Sponsorship Services

The sponsorship market is huge, both in terms of the number of companies that use it to great effect worldwide, and the billions of marketing pounds invested in it.

So why then, do sponsorship seekers find it so difficult to secure? And why do so many companies find it difficult to justify commercially, when many others are making a commercial success of their programmes?

As with everything else in life, expertise is the key to your success. If success really matters, talk to the experts. Put it in the hands of those who live and breathe it. In short, talk to us !

As a sponsorship seeker, you need to know how to structure your property in order to make it commercially attractive, and you need to know how serious companies buy sponsorship. We can provide that vital guiding hand from sponsorship training courses through to undertaking and running the sponsor search on your behalf.

As a sponsorship buyer, you need to know that the agency you are working with can help define the most appropriate sponsorship, identify the most valuable properties in that sector, be creative in the property activation, and can deliver real return on investment.

So there we are. Sponsorship made easy, courtesy of the nice folks at Element79 ! Read more about our sponsorship services here.